About MTAP

When ordinary things are outfitted with an internet connection, extraordinary things happen. So extraordinary, that an entire industrial revolution was spawned and now we’re well on our way to living in a smart and highly digitized world.

There is hardly an area of life that has been untouched by the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), rental transport services included. If roads are the veins of any city, vehicles are the blood cells that sustain modern life.

As a company that provides location based services, MTAP is one of the leaders driving forward the latest industrial revolution otherwise known as Industry 4.0.

What We Do

Mtap uses the principles of IoT to provide a secure, centralized platform that automatically tracks and manages a varied range of transportation requests including employee transport(Safetrax) and school buses (SafeBus). It’s seamless, cost-effective and hardware-free.

We are a growing team of more than 90 talented individuals working in synergy to transform how rental transport services work and provide a seamless experience to customers, clients, and fleet operators. 

Values & Beliefs

Thanks to how the internet has connected humanity all across the globe, we, at MTAP,  are actively working towards building positive and all-inclusive workplaces that allow the differently abled to flourish as much as the unimpaired. After all, it’s each team member’s uniqueness that makes the team whole.

We’re firm believers in making our workplace ethic reflect our professional one of being flexible by accommodating individual needs instead of taking the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Why Us

Choose us because we’re always hungry to learn about new developments to make our services more efficient. We have data science and machine learning teams dedicated to improving our routing automation algorithm and other transportation management features.

We never stop questing for new breakthroughs which means you’ll always be at par with the best.


Srinivas Chitturi

CEO & Co-Founder   
Chief Tinkerer, responsible for building the cutting edge Safetrax IoT stack. Pleasant demeanour belies his sharp intellect.

Satvir Kohli

With a customer-first attitude, passion, and determination, Satvir spearheads Sales and Business Development for Safetrax.

Vamsi Krishna Kaki

Head of Marketing   
A grammar nazi and a brand story teller, Vamsi leads the product marketing strategy and execution for Safetrax

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                       Gurkirat Singh

                              GM, Marketing
         A seasoned B2B marketing professional with
           a knack for Customer acquisition, Gurkirat
                  heads the Marketing for Autologix

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Sruthi K

Sruthi is a numbers wizard who heads the finance division at MTAP, using her wealth of experience to make ideas a reality.

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Shiv Kumar

Advisor & Mentor 
Shiv Kumar dons the varied hats of finance, technology, and operational expertise with equal ease. Whether ideas or people, he quickens their metamorphosis to achieving their full potential.

Certifications & Affiliations

At MTAP, our quality initiatives are blended with our constant endeavor to improve the products and service excellence to all our customers. MTAP is compliant with International Standards for Quality besides being an active member in NASSCOM

Information Security Management System covering location based solutions including tracking of mobile assets

MTAP is an active member of Nasscom Trade Association.

Clients all around the globe have arrived

At the conclusion that they can trust us 100%