Safetrax enhances a wide range of employee transportation services with its Artificial Intelligence technology. Its cloud-based servers transfer data back and forth to provide real-time updates to users and allow transport managers to monitor trips and take decisions remotely.

One platform hosts all.

Customers can make use of features like Live Tracking, Auto-Routing, Remote Monitoring, Trip History, Detailed Reports and Analysis, and Auto-generating Paperless Invoices on a single dashboard. The dashboard has a user interface that corresponds to the type of user like fleet operators, enterprise owners, transport admins, passengers, and drivers.


SafeBus is a leading fleet management app that eliminates worry from the equation between schools, parents, and school bus fleet operators. The app acquires  and acts on information from GPS satellites to monitor the traffic situation, road conditions, weather etc.

Safebus acts as a multi-layered shield to protect students during school bus travels while allowing parents, schools, and transport teams to keep track of students from a remote location.


Why waste resources like people, time, and money on hours of manual work when the same tasks can be achieved within a few moments online?

Time is money. Literally so when you own a rental fleet business. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours manually scheduling and organizing trips for your customers. Now all it takes is an internet connection to accomplish your goals almost instantly and get the time and bandwidth to take on more business and expand your fleet. 

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