Why waste resources like people, time, and money on hours of manual work when the same tasks can be achieved within a few moments online?

Time is money. Literally so when you own a rental fleet business. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours manually scheduling and organizing trips for your customers. Now all it takes is an internet connection to accomplish your goals almost instantly and get the time and bandwidth to take on more business and expand your fleet. 

Autologix is an automated fleet management app which gives fleet operators a platform to manage all ends of their business from one dashboard.  Autologix technology helps you maximize profit and manage enterprises, passengers and drivers effortlessly by taking your fleet management business online.

Manage, Schedule, and Dispatch vehicles on-demand. Utilize Autologix’s powerful automation engine to manage travel requests and optimize their supply in real-time. Focus on business expansion without being bothered by the hassles of manual fleet management.

Salient Features

Point-to-point fleet operations

Fulfill point-to-point trip requests like ad-hoc rentals, airport transfer, outstation, and subscription-based bookings. Manage details of every trip on a single dashboard hosted by Autologix.

Live Tracking

The live tracking feature can be accessed by fleet operators, enterprise transport teams, passengers, and drivers. Autologix uses GPS and GPRS technology to livestream the status of each trip on the dashboard's map.

Manage suppliers and clients

Invite your existing clients and vendors to create a profile on an Autologix platform and experience your newly automated and digitized vehicle rental services. Attract new clients with your speed and efficiency.

Paperless billing & invoicing

Digital invoices go a long way in saving nature by reducing the use of paper. Bills are auto generated based on approved rate cards and can be edited to reflect extra costs incurred during the trip.

Network Integration

In the event of a surge in ride requests, team up with partner networks to meet the demand without compromising your reputation for customer satisfaction. Seize every opportunity to increase your profits.

Instant Alerts

Enable swift action in case of emergency. The Passenger App's Dashboard has a panic button so that they may discreetly send out SOS alerts to transport admins, colleagues and listed contacts.

How It Works

Step 01

Customize Rates And Packages

Billings are based on approved rate cards so you can offer customized package options for various fleet types and customer segments.

Step 01

Step 02

Assign And Deploy

Deploy vehicles and drivers based on requirement and monitor and track rides in real-time.

Step 02

Step 03

Auto-Generate Invoices

Auto-generate invoices with real-time fares calculated on completion of a ride to include any extra charges incurred during the trip.

Step 03

Step 04

Improve Efficiency

Our in-depth reporting and analytics help you decide how best you can improve your fleet efficiency and expand your business.

Step 04
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