Safetrax enhances a wide range of employee transportation services with its Artificial Intelligence technology. Its cloud-based servers transfer data back and forth to provide real-time updates to users and allow transport managers to monitor trips and take decisions remotely.

One platform hosts all.

Customers can make use of features like Live Tracking, Auto-Routing, Remote Monitoring, Trip History, Detailed Reports and Analysis, and Auto-generating Paperless Invoices on a single dashboard. The dashboard has a user interface that corresponds to the type of user like fleet operators, enterprise owners, transport admins, passengers, and drivers.

Swift. Safe. Seamless

Safetrax’s internet and GPS-based technology enables swift responses to booking requests. Drivers can be assigned, and vehicles can be deployed in an instant.

Safetrax protects your interests by keeping your employees, students, and goods safe using preventive and corrective methods. These include live tracking, collecting real-time data like traffic jams or accidents about routes, and SOS alerts for passengers among others.

Safetrax provides a seamless experience by using its technology to synergize all fleet operations.

Salient Features


Live Tracking

A mesh of two simple technologies, GPS tracking and an Internet connection, enables users to track a vehicle regardless of distance. The same feature has different applications for different kinds of users.



Safetrax takes both internal and external factors into account and auto-generates optimized routes. Unlike manual routing, auto-routing is error-free. Re-adjusting routes is easy in case of any absentees.



Keeping track of passengers, vehicles and drivers and scheduled rides doesn't need to be a time-consuming exercise. Safetrax enables you to store all data on cloud-based servers and access it whenever you wish.



The E-Safe feature monitors driver behavior to give you an exact picture of every trip. If the driver speeds, swerves too fast, brakes hard, or turns too sharply, you will get an immediate update.



After the ride is completed, all the trip info that was live tracked gets recorded as trip history. You can view ride history for arrival time, trip time, invoices, driver performance, and other details from your dashboard.


Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard gives a bird's eye view of all the trips that have been scheduled. The admin can view the details of each ride and track several rides simultaneously.


Driver's App

The Driver's app has a driver-friendly dashboard that makes it convenient for them to navigate to the pickup/drop off location swiftly. Apart from easy navigation, drivers can edit invoices to include any extra costs.


Passenger's App

Through the Passenger's App, passengers can view the driver's location and the ETA. The dashboard has a panic button that is used to send out SOS alerts to receive immediate help in case of emergency.

How It Works

Step 01

Invite Vendors and Clients

Invite new and existing vendors and clients to create a profile on Safetrax and benefit from digitized fleet management services.

Step 01

Step 02

Assign And Deploy

Deploy vehicles and available drivers based on requirement and monitor all rides in real-time.

Step 02

Step 03

Customize Rates And Packages

Billings are based on approved rate cards so you can offer customized package options for various fleet types and customer segments.

Step 03

Step 04

Auto-Generate Invoices

Auto-generate invoices with real-time fares calculated on completion of a ride to include any extra charges incurred during the trip.

Step 04

Step 05

Improve Efficiency

Our in-depth reporting and analytics help you decide how best you can improve your fleet efficiency and expand your business.

Step 05
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