SafeBus is a leading fleet management app that eliminates worry from the equation between schools, parents, and school bus fleet operators. The app acquires  and acts on information from GPS satellites to monitor the traffic situation, road conditions, weather etc.

Safebus acts as a multi-layered shield to protect students during school bus travels while allowing parents, schools, and transport teams to keep track of students from a remote location.

Parents have no more reason to worry as they have the means to view their child’s school bus live on a map along with the Time of Departure and Arrival, Expected Time of Arrival, Boarding/Deboarding status, and updates about any unexpected events.


Teachers and transport admins can watch over students from the comfort of their school and ensure that the fleet management company they’ve hired, is performing as promised. Trips can be managed without the need for complicated excel sheets. Admins can quickly respond to any unexpected situations that may arise.

Fleet Operators can keep every vehicle in their fleet in tip top condition as the app provides them with information about any anomalies in the bus. They can monitor the drivers and observe trip reports to optimize their school bus services with zero touch implementation.

SafeBus is a 100% Self-service SaaS platform that fine-tunes communication and brings parents, schools, and school bus fleet owners up to speed at the same time.

Salient Features

Route Planning

SafeBus has a smart feature called 'auto-routing' that automatically highlights the route that passes a maximum number of stops using as few buses as possible.

Monitor Driver Behavior

Verify each driver's performance and trustworthiness on the go with a combination of GPS, GPRS, and cloud-based servers.

Emergency Management

In case of an emergency or an unexpected change in route, students can send SOS alerts to parents, teachers, and transport admins instantly.

Live Tracking

SafeBus tracks every active school bus trip in your fleet and keeps you updated in real-time without requiring you to prompt it.

Enhanced Data Security

All personal information is encrypted and safely stored on cloud-based servers accessible only by authorised parents, teachers, and transport admins.

Historical Tracking

Review Timeliness, Safety Compliance, and the Driver's Behavior/Performance by downloading the trip history report from the dashboard at your convenience.

How It Works

Activate the SafeBus shield in just four simple steps. You’ll be all set within an hour with 0% investment and 100% Convenience.

Step 01

Create School

The first step is to make a school profile. Fill in basic details like school name, full address, and school logo and you're one step closer to have complete command of your fleet at your fingertips.

Step 01

Step 02

Upload data

Once you've made a basic profile, it takes only a few minutes to upload the master data of Schools, Parents, Vehicles and Drivers on the app.

Step 02

Step 03

Create Routes

Now that the roster is in place, you can use the app to create optimized pickup and drop route lists, assign drivers and vehicles. Customize your lists as you choose.

Step 03

Step 04

Schedule Trips

SafeBus calculates the most efficient routes based on the parameters set by you. The app has the advantage of getting real-time information of external factors like traffic flow, road conditions, weather, or any unexpected event that may take place.

Step 04
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